Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hell On Wheels

The next book in the Rancho Diablo series will be out in June.  This one deals with the relationship between Jenny Blaylock and gunhawk Mike Tucker.  Tucker is in Shooter's Cross when two gunmen from his past call him out.  Tucker deals with them violently and quickly, leaving them stretched out in the street.

Jenny Blaylock is in town shopping and sees the whole thing.  Her children are with her.  She knows she doesn't want her boys growing up idolizing someone like Tucker.  She and Sam have a difference of opinion regarding Tucker staying with family at the ranch.

While Sam is away from the ranch on business, he leaves Tucker to protect the property.  Jenny has a showdown of her own with Tucker and he ends up leaving.

In Shooter's Cross, Jenny and Miriam are attacked.  Miriam is taken by a gang known for trafficking in young women across the border in Mexico.  Marshal Tolliver sends for help but can't chase after the outlaws.

Knowing there's only one thing to do, Jenny goes back to the ranch, takes out a rifle, and shoots into the air.  As she suspects, Tucker is still around to watch over the ranch.  She knew he wouldn't leave until Sam got back because he'd given his word.

Jenny tells Tucker about Miriam.  He says he'll go after her.  She tells him that she is coming with him.  Tucker doesn't bother to argue with her because he knows that would be foolish.  Together, Jenny and Tucker take up the chase along the outlaw trail, and neither of them know how much they will be changed by their journey.

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